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About Golden Millet 

               Our Golden Millet is a proprietary strain that performs well in a variety of conditions.  Its short growing season to maturity makes it an excellent option because Golden Millet features a 60-70 day maturation time.  What sets our millet apart from other quickly maturing food sources is the prolific production of food.  Waterfowl hunters know that ample food for migrating waterfowl plays a large part in the success of their hunting season.  Golden Millet can provide up to 3,000 lbs of forage for waterfowl at only $25 - $30 an acre, it can be a lower cost option than planting corn.

              Golden Millet needs to be planted at least 60 days before the first frost to ensure it reaches maturity.  Planting times vary slightly depending on your location, but Midwestern states would plant between July 15th and August 15th.  Southern states can continue planting into September.  It can also be a backup plan if your property is too wet to plant corn earlier in the year and are in need of a fast-growing backup plan to still provide winter forage for your ducks.  Golden Millet is a forage ducks will hammer in cold or warm temperatures and can even be broadcasted into a stand of Round-Up ready corn to provide a diverse source of food leading to happy ducks that stick around longer!

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